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      Everyone has different feelings about English. Now English has become more and more important. Let's share with you how to practice English quickly?


      1. Listen


      The way to practice listening is to listen to an English recording every day. Even if you don't understand it, you should keep listening. If you think listening to the recording is boring, you can also watch movies. Movies let you hear the pronunciation of words and help you learn new words, so as to improve your English level. You can watch movies with subtitles first, but movies without subtitles can let you learn more. Once you have mastered the basic vocabulary, try to listen to the words you know without looking at the subtitles, and guess the meaning of the words you don't understand from the plot on the screen.


      2. Say


      Oral English is a key link. Oral English is used in interpersonal communication, business and foreign trade communication and teleconference. Oral English practice has become an essential part of English learning. For oral practice, I think it's better to find a foreigner to practice in addition to my own practice.


      3. Reading


      The easiest way to learn English faster is to read as much as possible. Read all the time. In this way, you can better master vocabulary, learn grammar and slang. I think newspapers are a good way to lay a good language foundation, because the articles in them are usually grammatical and easy to understand. You can find many high-quality English newspapers on the Internet.


      4. Write


      Writing can also be improved by reading a large number of English essays. If possible, you can find a foreign pen pal to exchange emails. Pen pal is a person who wants to learn each other's language and exchange letters (or e-mail). Half of the content of the letter is written in your mother tongue, so that the other party can learn your language; The other half writes in English so that you can practice English.