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      Learning English from scratch is very important. Don't go astray. The small editor of European and American foreign teachers will show you how to learn English from scratch?


      1. It is important to find a good teacher


      Teachers are the most important in learning English. Teachers can guide students to take fewer detours and give people with zero basic English learning more English learning methods and skills. Having a good enlightenment teacher to lead the study, stimulate their interest in learning, and encourage them to stick to learning can ensure the effect of learning English in the future. If you follow the wrong teacher at the beginning of English learning, can you learn English well?


      2. Zero basic English, pronunciation is the basis of oral English


      Zero basic English learners, the purpose of learning is not only to cope with the exam, but also to improve themselves in work or life. Therefore, the importance of oral English is self-evident. Zero basic learning English, in the early stage, we should lay a good foundation, correctly pronounce and understand phonetics, and slowly accumulate to have pleasant oral English.


      Zero basic English learners can also imitate correct pronunciation and deliberately correct their wrong mouth shape, so as to avoid information deviation when reading or dictating sentences in the future. After the pronunciation is finished, you can also learn to read by reading short stories.


      3. Zero basic English, grammar can't be lost


      Zero basic English, grammar can not be lost. Although I don't pay much attention to grammar in daily English communication. However, if you speak fluently, it's easy to miss your meaning, how can others know what you mean? Therefore, students of zero basic English can't give up pronunciation and grammar in the process of learning!